The New York based Puerto Rican artist Kathia Lynne studied Fashion Design at School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico (EAP) followed by Music in Performance; Concentration in Piano at The Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico. Her first collection launched in 2015 with SKHMT, a contemporary line indulging in gold, leather and extravagant designs. Following her SKHMT collection came her first musical project, Heavens Help Me, a Single from her Killing With Gloves of Silk EP that included a video featuring her latest collection. Lynne has worked on both arts ever since, integrating music and design under a single name. The Silk Collection is Lynne’s second jewelry line, a visual representation of her upcoming EP: Killing With Gloves of Silk.


The young Caribbean debuntánte aesthetic's, lenguage and style are heavily reliant on the glamour of the deceased woman of Hollywood and Puerto Rican icon divas, shaping Lynne's style  into a contemporary nostalgia of music and fashion. 



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